Foam Insulation & Metal Roof Repair in Erie, PA

Effects of Average Rainfall

Erie, PA, on average, gets 39 inches of rain and 77 inches of snow per year! As residents of this area, our lives are much different than others in the US! We need to adjust the way we drive, the way we dress, and our daily activities and choices.

Metal Roof Protection

This does not only affect our personal lives, it affects our homes and businesses. The amount of rain and snow that we put up with has a huge impact on our homes, and our roofs. Metal roofs are often the best choice for homes and businesses in Erie, PA. They are known to be long-lasting, reliable, rust resistant and great for wet climates. But, when exposed to this much moisture, regular maintenance is completely necessary.

Metal Roof Repair

A repair on a small leak can often save your roof from getting any worse, saving you money and protecting your home or business. Make sure to call a professional roof repair company when you notice a small leak or hole. Fixing the problem correctly, the first time, is extremely important to maintaining and extending the life of your roof.
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