What Are The Features And Benefits Of A Tesla Certified Paint Body Shop

More than half the population owns a vehicle, some even more than one. Owning something is somewhat a responsibility and many times we get a little restless or run out of luck, getting it to damage, maybe even at the cost of someone else’s fault. To make sure there is someone to fix those damages and faults that are inevitable in the longer run there are Tesla certified body repair shops, mostly automobile repair shops that have technicians and auto mechanics who are able to skillful fix any problem with the vehicle and maybe even upgrade it by giving it a paint job or extra interior detailing of the car. And more the buyers indulge and invest in buying a car the more they wish to personalize it and give it that extra touch, than what the manufacturer just originally gives, the market of customers wanting extra car detailing and spending on automotive Paint body shop, the more these shops are cropping up in every country and state. They are found on every road, on every corner offering deals, and repairs trying to give their customers more and better.

Automobile repair shop is an establishment, their job is to get work done and repair any damage or fault in an automobile. These repairs are made by auto mechanics and technicians, people with knowledge, skills, and expertise in the area of auto mechanics, vehicles and their working. There are different types of automotive repair shops/garage, they are divided into categories such as:

  • Auto vehicle parts store or motor-factoring shop that also helps maintain service operations, have different types of parts in case of fault change or just upgrading the vehicle.
  • Automobile repair workshops, that are owned and run independent business, they are also known as a car dealership. Usually, take up a franchise of multiple car companies and offer repair for them.
  • We have the recent online auto repair shops. Download their app and call the repairman at the doorstep to get a repair, maintenance or service.
  • There are also specialty repair shops, some shops are known to repair brakes, mufflers, exhaust systems, and others. They give special car repair.

Specific Auto repair

Any auto repair shop will provide certified and expert technicians with the skills and ability to repair any damage of any degree and give full customer satisfaction, exactly what the customer wanted and needed.  Along with major vehicle fixing, they have the knowledge to even do some finer cosmetic issues fixture.

Repairs can be due especially after especially difficult weather such as a hailstorm that may damage the car even if it is just sitting in the parking driveway. But that is of no worry for technicians as they are prepared and skilled to clean up the dents a little rough weather.

Bumpers can be fixed in no time; fender repair is done no matter what the vehicle is actually made of and no matter the severity of the damage it is a fixed just in time. Dent and fenders are not the only repairs, auto repair shops also provide pain job for a new looking car that is why repair shops are also known and called as Paint body shop, help change a broken windshield as well as aluminum repair for any scratches or Collison repair that the vehicle might need.

Tesla Launches Body

Tesla is a relatively new company which specialized in electric cars and hybrid. Their designs are amazing and are known from their quickest acceleration and the longest range of charging network. Their sleek designs and exciting technology saving the environment of pollution and not using petrol and diesel is some of the factors that attract its base customers.

Since it is so unique and different from what we traditionally know of cars, it is difficult for these local technicians and auto repair shops to give that Tesla Approved, Tesla service repair which is why only recently Tesla has launched its own in-house repair shop. Tesla’s own shop gives greater service and authentic parts to make sure that the car is in good hands and dealt by experts who are aware of Tesla and its quality as well as know how the cars are unique and need more than just the general service of other cars.

The main aim for opening a Tesla service shop was to reduce repair time of the car and make Tesla owners satisfied with the quick and efficient fix. Bodywork and repair has long been a weakness for Tesla customers complained about the quality of repair and the time taken to repair the Tesla was a huge stone that had to overcome.  This is the main reason why Tesla has finally opened its own service shop, to reduce the time taken to repair and make sure the customers are satisfied not just with the vary but also the time is taken to fix it.

Before Tesla service shop was open, Tesla car owners had to go to third-party repair shop and paint body shops to get their damages repaired and fixed which a hassle was. Even though Tesla tried giving dealerships to certain shops for authentication as well as giving them the training to repair those third-party dealers were not doing the job well. And this is possible since they have many customers from other car companies too so why the waste of Tesla especially. Despite these initiatives by Tesla, customers were unhappy and complained a ton about after sales services which dropped the reputation of Tesla. However, all is in order now since Tesla has finally launched its own service which is bound to be more customer oriented and focus dearly of customer satisfaction.

In short, we can say that repair shops with a more focused aim and outlook are able to give a 100% customer-oriented service keeping the customer at their shop happy and satisfied. It is best to have one’s own company repair shop to make sure the service is up to mark and as promised by the company.

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